How to start a new sesion with Hotmail

In this tutorial we show you how to start a new session with the program Microsoft Hotmail, Following this few steps and you can start to receive and send your new mails.

Today, all the people must have a mail account , it become so important for the life just like the telephone, mobile,  is the modern way to write letters, only that instead of use paper and a pen you need a computer, you can read or send mail with your phone even more easy. This become a digital world and if you want to stay in contact with the people you need to use all the tool in your hand to make it, Microsoft in this case put a powerful t tool in our hands for our comfort, with Hotmail a lot of people start a new stage in the life sending and receiving mails, the perfect system for many years, now, Microsoft has decided to give us Outlook, a new perfect tool with all the new components that the new technologies demands to a good mail system, a new platform more intuitive, with more advanced options for the users who can check his mail, or use Skype, facebook, and much more.

Sign in Outlook


Go to the site or , from there you would see a screen with two boxes where you can write, in the first box you have to enter the address you choose to receive the mail, and the box below write your personal password. When all is correct you must push the bootom you see just below the two boxes. Once you have done this simple step correctly, you enter in the inbox area of Hotmail and you can start to read, send or receive the so many mails as you want. If you close the window or the session and you want to enter again, you only have to repeat the steps I told you before so many times as you want, but is important you remember the name of the account and the password you use.

Hotmail definitely doesn´t exist  right now because all the old account has been updated to Microsoft Outlook , but the old accounts conserve the same name, so you can continue using you personal account as always, but with better options.

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