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Outlook, this is the new version of the Microsoft Hotmail, this version have more intuitive options, new design, and new secure system and anti-spam. If you want to use the new Microsoft outlook you only have to continue reading this guide, I will provide to you in 5 simply steps an easy way to gain access to this wonderful version of the old mail mange system Hotmail, after do all that I explain in this guide lo Login Outlook, you would see how easy is that and I am sure you can remember this process in the future situations you need to login and read the incoming mail or send a mail.

Login Outlook

Login Outlook

1- Your first step should go to the official website www.outlook.com, but if you already have an old Hotmail account, you can enter the old website www.hotmail.com and enter from there, now you can enter from this two websites, the result is the same, and this is cool because a lot of people doesn´t know about the existence of this new and better version.

2- When you enter in this address, you will see two text boxes, in the first you must enter the account@outlook.com that you have previously created, if you still have the old account, you can always enter the account@hotmail.com, because the new version Microsoft Outlook, can support the oldest version of Hotmail, even the msn account.

3- The next thing you must do is introduce the password in the second box, of the account you introduce before, the new outlook account or the previous Hotmail.

4- Is important you check that you introduce the correct name of the account in the first box and the corresponsive password in the second box, then press the button, “sign in” and wait to charge the new page.

5- f you do all correct you can enter now to your mail account and get access to the new options outlook offers,

Login Outlook

Sign In Outlook

The process to sign into an account is pretty simple as you can see, you only have to follow this instructions to get access to your new mail manager of Microsoft Outlook. You can register all the accounts you want, the only thing you must to do is follow the instructions to login one or other account, it depends of the account name and the password you choose to use for each account.

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